Outdoor Retailer Summer Market - on it's way to being plastic free!

Outdoor Retailer announced that Nalgene has been named the Official Bottle of Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in 2019. Through the partnership, Outdoor Retailer and Nalgene Outdoor are providing all attendees, or the first 25,000, with a custom Summer Market 32-ounce Wide Mouth Nalgene water bottle during this year’s tradeshow to use at more than 170 water refill stations located throughout the show.

“We’re excited to partner with Nalgene to give Summer Market attendees a refillable bottle and offer an easy way for everyone to reduce their plastic footprint,” said Marisa Nicholson, Outdoor Retailer vice president and show director. “With over 170 water stations located in the Colorado Convention Center, attendees can head down nearly every aisle to refill and stay hydrated. The bottles are perfect for everyone at Summer Market to use and reuse during the show and take with them on their next adventures.”

Outdoor Retailer has eliminated the sale of single-use plastic bottles at the Colorado Convention Center during the shows, with water sales reduced to only boxed water at one location in the venue. Water refill stations will be available in all education zones and lounges, along with exhibitor booths and other show areas as designated by a water icon on show maps. Upon registration, attendees can pick up their free, 32-ounce Wide Mouth Nalgene bottle to use at the water stations throughout the week.

Two other very exciting ventures debuting at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market made a strong commitment to eliminating single use plastics. Over 200 outdoor brands, many of which are exhibitors at Outdoor Retailer have signed on to the Plastic Impact Alliance. Making a promise to reject single use plastic bottles at the event. Additionally, Vessel Works, a stainless steel reusable cup service, has teamed up with NuunPatagonia ProvisionsCusa Tea, and Lono Life to serve food and beverage samples this week during the show.  At the end of each day, Vessel Works will collect the 2-ounce, stainless-steel cups, wash and sanitize them overnight, then return them to the booths for another day of sampling.

"As leaders in circular economy solutions to disposables, we are excited to expand our offerings to the trade show industry with Nuun at Outdoor Retailer,” said Dagny Tucker, founder of Vessel. “Food and beverage trade shows can produce upwards of 9.4 million disposable sample cups per show. Beyond sustainability, our elegant solution adds beauty and sophistication for a better exhibit experience for vendors and attendees alike."

-Source https://www.snewsnet.com/trade-show/vessel-works-disposable-sample-cups

Honeycomb Strategies team onsite at OR Summer Market

Honeycomb Strategies team onsite at OR Summer Market

Working with Honeycomb Strategies the Philadelphia Eagles become the FIRST NFL team to achieve ISO 20121 certification

The Philadelphia Eagles have announced that the team has received the prestigious ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management System certification, the first professional sports team to do so. ISO 20121 is an international standard designed to help organizations involved in the events and hospitality industries integrate sustainability into management practices and processes.


“While our concerted efforts to become a global leader in the sustainability field have led to many successes over the years, we continue to challenge ourselves to think bigger and more creatively,” said Christina Weiss Lurie, President Eagles Charitable Foundation, Eagles Social Responsibility. “Achieving ISO certification will help us take that next step to becoming a more environmentally responsible corporate citizen.”

Greenbuild sets a higher bar for waste diversion

Greenbuild Conference and Expo co-located with ArchitectureBoston Expo in November 2017 and achieved new greatness in waste management. Showing a near "zero waste" diversion rate. According to a new sustainability report, the event hit a 90.5% diversion rate when factoring in both the expo and off site celebration event.

This event served as a pilot for the TRUE Zero Waste event certification and was rated platinum level.

Achieving this goal, with nearly 25,000 attendees required extensive planning between Honeycomb, waste provider Save That Stuff, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and local volunteers. An estimated 98% of all food waste waste was diverted for co-digestion. Separately, more than 1,500 pounds of food was donated to Boston Rescue Mission. Approximately 25,000 pounds of cement blocks, flooring, carpet and wood were donated to groups such as Habitat for Humanity.

The Colorado Convention Center House Keeping Team Goes to the Alpine Recycling Center!

On February 28th, 2017, the CCC Housekeeping and Operations teams took a tour of the state of the art recycling facility at Alpine Waste and Recycling.  As the hauler of the Convention Center’s landfill, recycling, and compost, Alpine processes over 2,623,081 LBS of materials.  Of this total, 1,219,300 LBS (46%) is diverted from the landfill by either being recycling and sold on the commodities market, or processed as compost.

This experience provided a firsthand glimpse into the path our waste takes once it leaves the convention center.  Surely the day was not only memorable, but provided an even greater understanding of WHY the CCC recycles and the importance of putting materials in the correct bin.  Thanks for having us Alpine, the rest of the team is already asking when they can go back!

8 80 Cities

In December 2016, Honeycomb Strategies participated in the 2016 Denver Sustainability Summit, where we had the pleasure of listening to keynote speaker Gil Penalosa give his presentation about 880 Cities.

The mission of  880 Cities is simple: to improve the quality of life for people in cities by bringing citizens together to enhance mobility and public space so that together we can create more vibrant, healthy, and equitable communities.

The idea is to create spaces that everyone from ages 8 to 80 can share and enjoy, and feel safe. We love how 880 thinks outside the “traditional” model to create healthy and happy communities. This philosophy is something we at Honeycomb Strategies try to bring to our clients as well. To learn more about 8 80 Cities, their projects, and philosophy, visit their website.