Greenbuild sets a higher bar for waste diversion

Greenbuild Conference and Expo co-located with ArchitectureBoston Expo in November 2017 and achieved new greatness in waste management. Showing a near "zero waste" diversion rate. According to a new sustainability report, the event hit a 90.5% diversion rate when factoring in both the expo and off site celebration event.

This event served as a pilot for the TRUE Zero Waste event certification and was rated platinum level.

Achieving this goal, with nearly 25,000 attendees required extensive planning between Honeycomb, waste provider Save That Stuff, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and local volunteers. An estimated 98% of all food waste waste was diverted for co-digestion. Separately, more than 1,500 pounds of food was donated to Boston Rescue Mission. Approximately 25,000 pounds of cement blocks, flooring, carpet and wood were donated to groups such as Habitat for Humanity.