Whether just starting your green event journey, your program needs a re-boot, or seeking certification, our approach is simple. We work with clients to go beyond policy and procedure. We create programs with purpose.


Because purpose drives performance.

Sustainability program: development & management

One size does NOT fit all. We believe that a successful event sustainability program is one that takes into consideration the unique culture, goals, and function of the organization.  Working together with clients, we create a sustainability roadmap that incorporates and addresses the full Sustainability E.C.C.O. system of: Engagement, Communication, Community, and Operation.


EVENT SUSTAINABILITY: analysis & implementation

We work with clients to help them gain an understanding of their current event practices, and then develop goals for future improvement.  Working with conference staff, suppliers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees, we are able to create sustainability programs with impact and leave a lasting legacy.



Specializing in the hospitality and events industry, we work with clients to develop and implement programs that make sense for their operation, while meeting the criteria to achieve certification.  We specialize in the following frameworks:  LEED EB:OM, ISO 14001, ISO 20121, and the suite of APEX Sustainable Meeting Standards.


WASTE MANAGEMENT: program development & implementation

Waste is one of the most visible and tangible ways an organization can their focus sustainability efforts.  Never afraid to get our hands dirty, we work with clients to develop a comprehensive waste management plan that focuses on minimization first, and then donation and diversion.  Events managed by our team consistently achieve the highest diversions in the industry, including the first trade show to receive Platinum TRUE Zero Waste certification by GBCI.



Our goal is to inspire and train the leaders of tomorrow.  From a one-hour orientation to a three day workshop, and anywhere in between, we have worked with clients to create customized training to support new and existing programs around event sustainability, sustainable destination management, and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.